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Purchasing Guide

Thank you for considering Custom Display Designs, Inc. as your source for Dementia and Alzheimer Care Memory Boxes. We understand that you expect a return on your investment for every capital expenditure. You want the assurance that your purchase of memory boxes will not only enhance your residents’ experience but add value to your facility. Our experience in working with Assisted Living Professionals like yourself assures you of meeting that expectation.

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Several factors come into play when choosing a size:

  • What are residents and family members most likely to place inside a memory box? The interior depth of our boxes is typically 2". This is a compromise between printed materials attached to the back being viewable while also leaving room for small memorabilia items. The deeper the box, the harder it is to see photos. The height and width of the interior determines what size memorabilia can be placed inside. An 8x10 photo placed inside an 11x14 box leaves minimal room for additional items. If a box is too large, it requires additional effort and family participation to achieve a visually pleasing display. A smaller box can also be easier for staff to maintain a generic display in the event of vacancy or non-participating family members.
  • Spatial issues. Where will the memory boxes be located? Are there space limitations that will affect the overall size, swing of the door, or the removal of the pull-out pane?
  • One or two residents per box? Having two residents share one partitioned box can be an effective way to cut costs and save space. Our optional removable partition bar / shelf enables boxes to be used for one or two residents. Increasing the overall size of the box is necessary to avoid not having enough room for individual display should the box be partitioned. As an alternative, we also offer a memory box design that includes two separate memorabilia compartments separated by signage.

The 5 different styles of memory boxes offered, and additional features available, are the result of our work with interior designers, project managers, architects, activity directors, etc. Many design elements enhance the product, but only those relevant to product selection will be mentioned here.

  • Should the units be keyed alike or individually? We recommend keying all units alike. Keying the units individually can create frustration and costs that offset any potential benefit. Typically, keys are only given to staff members, allowing access to all boxes by authorized staff only.
  • Recessed, Wall Mount, Hinged Door, or Pull Out Pane Style? In addition to budget issues, other considerations come into play. The Recessed style typically is limited to new construction. Framing out pockets and addressing Fire Codes are most economically addressed at the time of building design. The Hinged Door and Pull Out Pane styles are equally popular for their minimal restrictions on where they can be attached. Both include security hanging hardware that residents can not tamper with and have minimal wall protrusion. Overall distance from the wall is no more than 3 3/4", which is less than a handrail. The primary difference between the two styles is the locking feature on the hinged door. It should be noted that while not lockable, the pull out pane style is designed so that only Staff knows how to remove the pane. The finger pull is concealed so that residents would only locate it by observing Staff or by conspicuously tampering with the memory box.
  • Exposed or Protected Signage? We offer two signage options with distinctly different purposes in mind. Those styles with “ADA” incorporated in their product number indicate that ADA compliant signage can be attached flush to the surface of the memory box. Room numbers are typically applied in this area.  Consolidating the room signage with the memory box accommodates spatial restrictions, reduces wall clutter, and provides an additional memory prompt by putting the memorabilia near the room number. The Styles with “S” incorporated in their product number indicate that the memory box also includes a signage placeholder, but it’s behind the door pane. Customized signage that includes the residents name, picture, facility logo, and or messages can be printed on card stock and securely displayed. Signage can be an added memory tool for both residents and staff while building community.
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