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Memory Box Style #1ADA1

Dementia and Alzheimer's Care
Surface Mount Memory Boxes for Assisted Living Environments

Alzheimer's and Dementia Memory Box - ADA Compliant signage place holder - Custom Display Designs Memory Boxes
Style #1ADA1

Starting at $139.24

    No Cost Options:
  • Finished in any custom paint color of your choice (stained finishes not available)
  • Choice of fabric color in back (see our FABRICS)
  • Right or left hinged door

  • Options Available at Additional Cost:
  • ADA-compliant signage
  • Custom sizing
  • Decorative Trim
  • Fixed Wood Shelf / Partition
  • Adjustable Glass or Wood Shelf
    Sample Options:
  • 11x14 Dementia Care Memory Box - Wall Mounted - Memory Box - Custom Disply Design

    Style #1ADA1
    11x14   |   Custom Color
    Black Felt Backing
    No Shelf

  • 12x16 Elder Care Memory Box - Hardwood Shadowbox - Dementia Care Memory Box - Custom Disply Design

    Placeholder for ADA Compliant Signage

All sizes refer to interior memorabilia display area

  • 8W x 10H x 2D
  • 11W x 14H x 2D
  • 12W x 16H x 2D
  • 14W x 18H x 2D


This dementia and Alzheimer's memory box is similar in design and with the same standard features as Style #1, the 1ADA1 design has the added benefit of a placeholder for ADA compliant signage. The memory box can be attached closer to the resident’s door, accommodating space restrictions, while also meeting ADA requirements. Signage is easily attached in a recessed pocket preventing unwanted tampering. The locked door must be opened to remove the signage, pushing it out from behind. If the signage will not be changed, such as with room numbers, attach with two-sided tape. If signage changes with residency, attaching with Velcro dots allows for easy replacement.

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