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Using Memory Boxes in Assisted Living for Memory Loss, Alzheimer’s, dementia and Recollection:

Memory loss can be scary for the family and the person suffering from it. However, Memory Boxes for the Assisted Living environment gently aide in this transition. Moreover, we’d like to make this transition easier for you by providing these helpful resources.

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Establishing Continuity of Self-Memory Boxes in Dementia Facilities for Older Adults: Their Use and Usefulness

The Validation of a Memory Box Contents for Patients with Dementia

What Memory Boxes Do for People with Dementia

Passage of Time: Why People with Dementia Switch Back to the Past

Friends Make You Smart: Boosting social interaction is a key to your mental health, study says

Information about memory boxes and how to use them:

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Create a Memory Box to Help Trigger Memories
Tom felt the weight of a baseball gripped in his sweaty palm from inside the thick leather fold of his baseball glove, and suddenly he was back on the pitcher’s mound. He took the ball in his other hand, running his thumb across the red laces and saw it flying…

How to Make a Memory Box for Residents with Dementia
For seniors with Alzheimer’s, a memory box helps recall people and events from the past. The residents of our Alzheimer’s care facility love being able to look back at memories and keepsakes from their lives! These memories, thought to be lost, can stimulate the senior emotionally and prompt a conversation with loved ones…

Five things to put in a memory box to help people with dementia
Collecting items from the past and storing them in a memory box can be a big help for people living with dementia. Pauline Green, Academic Lead for Social Work and Care at University of Derby Online Learning, discusses the…

Making Memory Boxes for Seniors
For individuals experiencing memory loss due to conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, memory boxes can be a great way to help them recall their past, even if for a brief period of time. Memory boxes can be a collection of your loved one’s favorite…

The Memory Box
Our memory care community in Edwardsville is easy to gloat about. The design is uniquely tailored to benefit individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease, its décor is warm and inviting, but there is something that adorns the walls outside each resident’s…

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