Dementia Memory Boxes: Seeing Benefits

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For the Dementia Assisted Living Environment

Memory Boxes for Dementia patients bring comfort to the resident while fostering stability. Let’s face it, at one time or another, we have all been uprooted from our comfortable, familiar surroundings.  Whether it be by circumstance or choice, moving is rarely easy. Add to this the challenges of aging and / or memory impairment, and the transition can be traumatic.

Regardless of age, displaying photos and memorabilia in our new residence is comforting. Seeing these treasures from our past reminds us of the good times and relationships that we cherish. Dementia Memory Boxes facilitate the display of memories while providing the functionality required in the assisted living environment.

Dementia Memory Boxes - Memory Boxes for Alzheimers Patients - Assisted Living Memory Boxes

Some of the specific ways a dementia memory box improves a resident’s experience and quality of care are:

  1. Dementia Memory Boxes are a valuable memory tool for residents.  They provide a memory prompt for orientation and wayfinding.  Displaying memorabilia that is familiar in unfamiliar surroundings provides both a navigational aid and a calming influence. This is especially helpful for those with Alzheimer’s and dementia (as talked about at
  2. Memory Boxes build community.  Displaying memorabilia, whether photos or objects, offers a window into a resident’s life.  This insight prompts conversation to assist in building rapport and connectivity with both residents and staff.  Family members can help provide memorabilia. This helps include them in both the discussion and process of caring for their loved ones.
  3. Memory Boxes for Dementia enhance the residential environment.  Memory boxes are personal, providing a sampling of each resident’s individuality.  The effect when touring a facility is notable.  Installing memory boxes transforms a facility into a residence.  This transformation is further enhanced by including memory box room signage and lighting. This reduces wall clutter, adds lighting to both accentuate the memorabilia and provide wayfinding. 

With these benefits in mind, let us assist you in selecting the memory box design that’s right for your facility.  We offer multiple styles, recessed or wall mount, with custom color matching to your décor.  We’re here to help!

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