Memory Boxes for Alzheimer’s Patients

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Maximizing the Benefit and Avoiding Problems with Alzheimer’s Memory Boxes

In the previous blog about the benefits of dementia memory boxes in the assisted living environment, we saw how beneficial memory boxes are for Alzheimer’s or dementia patients. But what practical steps can be taken to realize these memory box benefits for Alzheimer’s patients and avoid complications? Here are some suggestions to achieve that goal:

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Key Management of Memory Boxes

Requesting that memory boxes are all keyed alike will save you time and money. A staff-only key allows consistent content management and control over the keepsake layout. Furthermore, the cost of replacing lost keys lowers exponentially. Only staff having access to the memory boxes is also a safety measure; staff is more attentive to the hazards of items dropped on the floor. 

Establish Memory Box Content Minimums

For those residents with active family participation, getting memorabilia to maximize the benefits of memory boxes should not be a problem.  But what to do for those residents that don’t have that family support?  Empty memory boxes can have a negative effect on the resident, and the facility when conducting site tours.  Every memory box should at least have a picture of the Alzheimer’s resident and possibly a craft.  Taking pictures and creating crafts can both be done on-site, not relying upon family members. 

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Start Realizing the Benefits of Alzheimer’s Memory Boxes

We realize that memory boxes are a significant expenditure. The last thing we want is for anyone to have buyer’s remorse! But the benefits of memory boxes can be realized if control and standards are established. 

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